Video search, composition and streaming

The information Access Disruptions (iAD) centre for research-based innovation led by Fast Search & Transfer (Microsoft) was established in 2007. The Department of Informatics at UiO (IFI), in close collaboration with Simula research laboratory AS (SIMULA), is an important partner in iAD.

iAD has prototyped a video streaming and search application that composes and streams videos as a response to traditional queries. The idea is that a user should be able to submit a video query like «give my a 2-minute summary of all sliding tackles in Premier League last month». The search result is a video, combining input from a variety of video sources, streamed to your terminal over the Internet (TCP). An important feature of the search is that the result is adapted to available computer and network resources (e.g. bandwidth).

Prototypes for two scenarios have been developed:

  • Extending the functionality available in known soccer streaming services like VG Live and TV2 Sumo. Watch demos here and here.
  • A video search capability into the latest enterprise search system from Microsoft. Watch demo here.

This project is conducted in close cooperation between IFI/Simula, University of Tromsø, Dublin City University, NetView, Schibsted and Microsoft FAST. Thanks to Pål Halvorsen for providing me with input to this article.

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